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February 2015 Where The Heck Is It?


A young man, named from the nearby village inherited a large sum of money and rented this shady spot to sell objects to tourists. Thinking toy camels would be a good thing to sell, he spent every bit of his inheritance on toy camels to be made in China. When the toys arrived he was horrified! The toy camels all had two humps! Egyptian camels are dromedaries with one hump, but Chinese camels are Bactrian with two humps! The Chinese toy maker had never seen an Egyptian camel. Obviously, nobody bought the toys and quickly went out of business. The poor vendor was teased mercilessly by people in his village who gave him the name you see above, 'Rashid, the foolish one'. One night he left, never to be seen again.

Or do you have another idea? If so:

What name is applied to this feature?

What purpose did the rectangular cut out serve?

What is the gray sloping feature to the extreme right?

If this is a tomb, who was buried here?
Principle title –
Why is this important? –

Bring your answers to the February meeting, and if your answers are selected as the correct ones, you will receive a prize!!!



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February 13, 2016
John Adams

"The Millionaire and the Mummy: Theodore Davis and the Transformation of Egyptian Archaeology, based on his recent book, "The Millionaire and the Mummies: Theodore Davis' Gilded Age in the Valley of the Kings"

Fondren Science Building, Room 123



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