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November 2015 Where The Heck Is It?


During the Second Dynasty, and close beside the pyramid at Meidum, lived a remarkable woman named Nefer-Sobek-Hotep. Her husband gave her this nice flat plot for her own business, and she went right at it.

Unfortunately, her business plan was poorly conceived. She tried to raise night crawlers to sell to the fishermen, but she hadn't thought ahead. Her basins were dug in the dirt…and all the night crawlers just burrowed out and left. She finally gave up and walked away. Here we see her abandoned worm farm just as she left it.

Or…do you have some other explanation for this spot?

  1. Where do you think this place is?

  1. What are those pits

  1. What or who was buried in the flat surface at the top of the ramp?

Bring your answers to the November meeting and if you have the right information, you might win prizes!



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November 14, 2015
Susan Heuck Allen

"All's Fair in War?: The Curious Backgrounds and Motivations of the Founders of ARCE"

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