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March 2015 Where The Heck Is It?


"The place has quite a few problems," said house flipper Waldo-Hotep, but I've seen a lot worse." He knew that when he got the air conditioner working, got rid of the old-fashioned wallpaper, upgraded the kitchen and master bathroom, and installed some quality hardwood flooring, he'd have to beat off the potential customers with a stick. It wasn't often that a property this good opened up so close to downtown Aswan!

Or perhaps you have a different explanation for this scene?

What do you think is the name for this place?

What were the previous owner's titles and when did he live?

And what in the world is that odd fellow behind the date palm doing?

Bring your answers to the March meeting and if you have the right information, you might win prizes!



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NT-ARCE/AIA-DFW joint meeting

April 14, 2016
Karl Petruso

"Libyans and Egyptians: A Northwest Passage to Alexandria"

SMU McCord Auditorium, 3rd floor Dallas Hall



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