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Where The Heck is it? June, 2016


Cornelius and Isabela von Wolfenstein, heirs to the world's largest digital 'Spork' fortune, traveled the world extensively. Cash rich, but a little dim mentally, they seldom precisely remembered where they had been. This photo, for example caused endless bickering. They both recalled that it had been in the Middle East, but where? Greece, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Syria, Iran, Turkey? Perhaps you can assist them?

Which of the above six ancient cultures was the correct choice?

What ancient city do these structures grace?

What were the purpose of these odd arches and their cavetto cornices?

Bring your answers to the June meeting and if you have the right information, you might win prizes!



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June 18, 2016
Nadine Moeller
(University of Chicago)

"Living in Old Kingdom Egypt: A new perspective on settlements and house layouts"

Fondren Science Building, Room 123



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