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June 2015 Where The Heck Is It?


This is one of the few photos of the tomb of the little known Pharaoh Wally-hotep. He ruled just long enough to get his tomb started, a fine pit dug and when the tunnel had gotten just four feet beyond the door seen here, he was overthrown by a coalition of pigeon fanciers and Nile boatmen. They bickered and fought among themselves for so long that they failed to notice that another family who ran a successful line of BBQ stands, by the name of Thutmose, had grabbed the crown for themselves, alas.

Perhaps you may doubt whether this story is true? If so:

1. Who do you think this tomb was excavated for?

2. Who do you think found the tomb?

3. Who did the discoverer work for?

Bring your answers to the next meeting.



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June 6, 2015
Clair Ossian

"Limestone Jewel in the Desert, The Cenotaph Tomb of Ramesses II at Abydos"


Fondren Science Building, Room 123


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