Introduction and Reference
Cultural Atlas of Ancient Egypt by John Baines & Jaromir Malek (P)
The Egyptians by Cyril Aldred (P)
Egypt of the Pharaohs by Alan Gardiner (H)

Language and Hieroglyphs
Middle Egyptian by James P. Allen (P)
How To Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs by Mark Collier & Bill Manley (H)
Hieroglyphs Without Mystery by Karl Theodor-Zauzich (H)

Art and Architecture
Reading Egyptian Art by Richard H. Wilkinson (P)
The Art of Ancient Egypt by Gay Robins (H)
Proportion and Style in Ancient Egyptian Art by Gay Robins (P)
The Complete Pyramids by Mark Lehner (H)

Conceptions Of God in Ancient Egypt by Erik Hornung (P)
The Ancient Egyptian Books of the Afterlife by Erik Hornung (P)
Ancient Egyptian Religion by Henri Frankfort (P)
The Mummy in Ancient Egypt: Equipping the Dead for Eternity by Salima Ikram & Aidan Dodson (H)

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Divine Creatures: Animal Mummies In Ancient Egypt (2005) by Salima Ikram, Editor (P)
The Complete Royal Families of Ancient Egypt: A Genealogical Sourcebook of the Pharaohs (2004) by Aidan Dodson and Dyan Hilton (H)
The Great Karnak Inscription of Merneptah: Grand Strategy in the 13 Century Bc (2004) by Colleen Manassa (H)
Painting and Society in Ancient Thebes: 1419-1372 B.C. (2004) by Melinda Hartwig
Society and Death in Ancient Egypt : Mortuary Landscapes of the Middle Kingdom (2005) by Janet Richards (H)

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