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Where The Heck is it? May 2016


The year is 1835. The French and the Mamelukes have been defeated and Mohammed Ali is firmly on the throne of Egypt. He encouraged European culture, and here we see a group of Bavarian entrepreneurs struggling to install the world's largest accordion to accompany their omm-pah orchestras. But alas, the dry air and termites ruined the instrument and the Bavarians went home discouraged and out of money.

Or perhaps you have a different explanation for this scene?

What is that thing tied to the ropes?

What are these guys actually up to?

After all their efforts, what did they accomplish that still remains today?

Bring your answers to the April meeting and if you have the right information, you might win prizes!



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May 21, 2016
Clair Ossian
(TCC Emeritus)

"The Egyptian Court of London's Crystal Palace."

Fondren Science Building, Room 123



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